We empower the creative idea.

We make available to our clients a comprehensive range of communication and development services – all dedicated towards one set of business goals and maximum ROI. But unlike many agencies, we have a deep spike in product development, tools and things real people use every day.


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Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing

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Mobile Products

The Plus Factory ethos for mobile is simple: understand the technology and build cooler stuff. We are obsessed with creating “stuff” – apps, web systems, mobile web, HTML5 interfaces, experiences – that transport consumers.

Stuff that makes them catch their breath a little bit and rethink a brand. The only way to do that is with leading-edge technology, which is at the foundation for every idea we bring to life. And sometimes the result can be as simple and as powerful as a pen for children to use on their iPads. Or a shopper marketing mobile system for retail stores to control content on multiple tablets in their retail spaces. It is the way we look at technology to solve problems that makes the difference.

As the mobile device landscape continues to expand, we see even more opportunity for creating and innovating. It is our number one goal to help our clients understand, connect, move and engage with more customers than ever before. We do this by enabling them to reach customers wherever they are, and on whatever they happen to have in their hand or home: from smartphones to smart televisions and everything in between.

Come, take a look at some of the things we have made.

Digital Marketing

We love stories. Because stories get people to sit up and take notice. The thing about stories is, everyone and everything has one. Even paperclips. It’s this all-encompassing commonality that unites our holistic approach to digital marketing. We help clients tell their stories in a really huge way.

Whether through an integrated campaign that drives next-level results, or a simple yet genius iPad app that people just can’t stop playing with. That’s the name of the game we play. And we invite you to play along too.


Everything we create is backed by an infrastructure that is scalable, reliable and available 24/7. We use Rackspace and Media Temple as our cloud platforms, which gives our products the utmost in flexibility and security. With the cloud, our mobile app backends ensure maximum access, regardless of scale, to millions of people. This includes websites, dynamic microsites, and a whole world of storage for every type of media – video, high resolution pictures, rich animations, etc. That way our ideas don’t live in one place. They are everywhere at once.

Our Methods.

  • PLAN

Plus Factory follows a reactionary and efficient methodology that establish our Client's goals and builds a process that gets everyone to that core goal.


Plus Factory follows both traditional 'Waterfall' build planning and newer 'Agile' philosophy styles to provide a full articulated game-plan for our clients before we begin our projects. To learn more about our process and methodologies, contact us for a free consultation.