Exhibition Management Application & Installation

A Closer Screen Experience

The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) is a comprehensive, not-for-profit art center serving the global Beijing public. UCCA promotes the development of the local art scene, fosters international exchanges, and showcases the latest in art, design, and other fields. Its cultural and educational programs bring the public into close contact with cutting-edge thought in art and the humanities. To this end, the UCCA came to Plus Factory wanting to add a layer to the typical "walk and browse at a distance" experience of looking at art. Creating a sense of immersion and intimacy with the work were key. So we designed a digital Exhibition Management System that operates across multiple mobile devices (tablets) and is physically mounted in the exhibit halls of UCCA. Museum-goers could see art then use the displays to discover deeper levels of information about each exhibition and artist.

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This system allowed for unparalleled flexibility with content. New programs and content could be introduced from a simple-to-use interface. And deeper insights and metrics were generated through tracking user interactivity with the displays.




Plus Factory also revamped UCCA’s existing website with e-commerce capability allowing online users to purchase membership and tickets to programs. The new site has better SEO capabilities to help pull considerably more new visitors from search engines.